Melissa Freiser


Personal Details

Hi! I am Melissa Freiser a web developer with two years of work experience. I specialize in frontend development but am interested in becoming a full stack developer. My passion is programming and my goal is to make modern, clean and fast websites. Below, you will find my skill sets, companies I have worked with and personal projects. Please feel free to contact me with any inquiries.

Great personality and easy going. Works well in a team environment.

Works well under pressure and time restraints.

Studious and constantly works on improving skills.

Passionate for technology and web development.

Skill Set








Others: Octopus, TeamCity, Jira, Webpack, Fractal.Js, Handlebars

Past Work Experience


My role at Tele2 was to technically implement design changes, fix problems with earlier implementations and develop onto a CSS framwork specific to this client. I also worked closely with backend developers on various APIs and microservices. I would often need to change code in the C#.Net backend so I became more of a full stack developer during my time at Tele2.

Methods: HTML5, Bootstrap, SASS, JavaScript, AngularJS, Fractal, Handlebars, C#, ASP.NET (C#), Teamcity, Octopus, GIT, Jira, Gulp


My primary role at FurnitureBox was to add new functions and features to the website as well as develop and change ongoing campaigns. I was also incharge of improving the overall frontend which was written in jquery along with working with a third party that handled the company’s CMS.

Methods: HTML5, Bootstrap, SASS, JavaScript, Jquery, Grunt, Photoshop, Illustrator


Purdue University

Bachelors of Science

Computer Graphics Technology


Uppsala University

Study Abroad

Spring 2014

Small Examples

This site uses Google Api to display a list of events from a Google calendar.
Methods: React, Google Calendar Api, Bootstrap, Webpack

This site features a simple search bar that can search through a list of contacts
Methods: React, Bootstrap, Webpack